This is a site where I put links to stuff I have made.

JS Games

Hex Game

Processing.js Sketches

Strange Attractor
Brownian Motion
Year Clock
Simple Gun Recoil Simulation
Simple 2D Helicopter Simulation
Firework Message (can be easily customized for any message, click to run again)
Sierpinski Triangle


This is a Java applet version of the game Mancala created for the java4k 2013 contest.
M4nkala hosted on this website
old version


This is another game I created for the java4k 2013 contest. JGO forum thread.

10 Seconds of Thrust

A simple game created for Ludum Dare 27. The aim is to get a spacecraft to the moon and back with limited thrust.

Fractal stuff

Fractal zooming video
Fractal image gallery

Fractal Generator Program
Fractal Generator Instructions


Created using Musagi:
Axel F

Other info

This website is hosted on GitHub.
My email: kramin42(at)gmail(dot)com.
The GitHub repository of this website is here.